Mmaa Aboso Kesee

Mmaa Aboso Kesee

WHW seeks to establishment of SoCCs program in each participating community, Enroll at least 30 women in each district to benefit from loan scheme, 80% of members should report 50% or more increase in profits and 100% of girl children of SoCCs members in the school going age should be in school

Latest Updates on Mmaa Aboso Kesee

Women’s Health to Wealth Equips Physically Challenged Individuals

On April 19, 2018, Women’s Health to Wealth whose motto is “Boa me ma Me boa wo” donated eleven PET carts to young men and women whose inability to walk has limited their mobility and consequently their efficiency. The recipients made up of made up of five women and seven men included 4 students two […]

SoCCs “Hemaa” -The Queen of SoCCs

  by Lord M. Nixon Meet Agnes Nti, one of the very first women to benefit from health screenings and the SoCCs small loans scheme in the Bantama Market. She sells condiments and a variety of food items. Aggie has proved her mettle and is therefore   seen as a leader amongst her peers who  affectionately […]

Empower Change Matrix Activity

From the period of 18th to 29th July, 2016, empower change matrices were conducted for the women of Krobo and the Bantama market. This activity not only helped the women realize what they were gaining from the program but it also helped WHW know where there was significant progress and where there was not and […]

Interaction with Womenstrong representative and SoCCs members in Krobo & Wawase

On the 10th of October, 2016, a WomenStrong representative (Julia Nethero) visited WHW to learn more about the organization and its activities. During this period, she visited Krobo and Wawase where she interacted with some of the women in the SoCCs program. She got to know from the women the benefits, changes and overall developments […]

Conflict Resolution through SoCCs

The Wawase SoCCs community in the Afigya Kwabre district has a current membership of 38 women managed by the SoCCs program officers and Madam Doris Asamoah and Madam Abenaa Donkor, elected leaders of the group. On the 20th of November, 2016 during the community’s monthly a report was received on an existing misunderstanding between Madam […]

First clean-up exercise in the Aduamoa Community

As mentioned before, all communities in the SoCCs program participated in clean-up activities in their respective communities. What sets the first clean-up exercise of the Aduamoa group (consisting of 19 women) apart from the rest is the commitment they showed towards the activity and the amount of work they were able to do in just […]

Political Talk with the SoCCs women of the Bantama Community

2016 is the year Ghana will elect a new president. As such, it is important for every Ghanaian, including our women, to understand the various processes that occur during this period as well as what to look out for from aspiring presidential and parliamentary candidates. Thus, on the 28th of September 2016, a political talk […]

Health Talk with the SoCCs women of the Bantama Community

The SoCCs program in 2016 had a special persistence and promotion of good health and sanitation amongst its participating communities. For the Bantama community, this was even more important as the women stated that, aside from the regular clean-up exercises, they would also like to have regular visits from a variety of health personnel to […]

[PHOTOS] Health Screening Santasi Market

[PHOTOS] Health Screening at Atia Kotei

[PHOTOS] SoCCs Members in Clean up Adwumakaase – Kese

[PHOTOS] Health Screening of Market Women at Asafo Market

SoCCs Hemaa – The Queen of SoCCs

By Lord M. Nixon Meet Agnes Nti, one of the very first women to benefit from health screenings and the SoCCs small loans scheme in the Bantama Market. She sells condiments and a variety of food items. As she is she is seen as a leader amongst her peers, she is affectionately called “SoCCs Hemaa” […]

One Woman’s First Steps to Wellness

A Life-Altering Journey to Health and Increased Wealth Madam Adwoa Tawiah is a vegetable oil trader who has been operating in Bantama Market – the second largest market in Kumasi, Ghana – for the past three years. Responsible for a younger sibling and three children, Mme. Tawiah also cares for her aging mother, who lives […]

Bantama SoCCs Participants Clean Up Their Community

In mid-November a clean-up exercise was organized by the women of the Bantama community who are members of the Social Capital Credits (SoCCs) groups created by Women’s Health to Wealth (WHW) in partnership with WomenStrong International (WSI). The clean-up was an example of the WHW’s and WSI’s activities focused on two of women’s 6 essential […]