Women’s Health to Wealth Equips Physically Challenged Individuals

On April 19, 2018, Women’s Health to Wealth whose motto is “Boa me ma Me boa wo” donated eleven PET carts to young men and women whose inability to walk has limited their mobility and consequently their efficiency. The recipients made up of made up of five women and seven men included 4 students two of whom are in university, 3 tailors and 1 shoe maker among others .

WHW objective in providing the carts is to enhance the mobility of the recipients so that they can go about their daily work without having to crawl on the ground or depend on others to move them around.

WHW is extremely grateful to the Americares organization in Connecticut USA that supplied the carts to WHW.  WHW has and continues to make donations of these carts to the Nsawam Orthopaedic Centre that provides rehabilitation services for people who are unable to walk for various reasons so that they can move about.

(See pictures of recipients after donation and picture of cart)

Picture of some recipients and well-wishers at the ceremony. The ones in wheelchairs all received carts that are in cartons and are yet to be assembled.