From December, 2015 to May, 2016 academic year, fruit trees were given to thirty- four girls  clubs to nurture as a means to cultivate the  habit of responsibility and accountability in all aspects of their life and also receive nourishment from the fruits that the plants would bear.

In the Prabon Girls club, the girls realized that their four mango trees were growing well while the  growth of the  four orange trees were severely stunted as it appeared that more attention was being paid to the mango plants thus, ‘The grass is greener where they had been watering it”.

The club members at Prabon D/A JHS together with their Teacher- facilitators decided to compare the nurturing  of the fruit trees to their success in life,” as the fruits trees bear fruits, we also succeed in life”. The girls were therefore urged to carefully to take of the orange trees  till they bear fruits. The girls manured, weeded around and watered the stunted orange plants till they were as healthy as the mango tress. As at July, 2018, the orange trees at Prabon D/A JHS are all well grown with one of them  bearing fruits.

The girls are immensely delighted at their success and have learnt that, with knowledge, determination and hardwork, they  can counter every challenging situation they find themselves in on the path to their desired future.

Picture of fruit tree with fruits at Prabon D/A JHS


By Deborah Nyamekeh Egyilam, Program Officer.