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Persons disabled or limited in pedal movement or mobility require aids such as wheelchairs or mobile carts to go about their daily activities.

The high cost of wheelchairs coupled with the difficulty in getting a dedicated person to
wheel one around places a huge burden on persons with such challenges. This causes such persons to become dependent on others and in the case of young people affect their education and future productivity.

Women’s Health to Wealth in its quest to support the education of girls to complete at least basic schooling considered the mobility hardships, faced by physically disabled adolescents, and physically disabled women in productive ventures.

To address the undesirable circumstances of such females, Women’s Health to Wealth donated sixteen (16) P.E.T Carts of which, ten are for children and six for adults, to the Department of Social Welfare in the Dormaa East district of the Bono Region on November 8th, 2022.

The WHW Logistics officer (left) showing the contents of a case of the P.E.T Cart to the Dormaa East District Chief Executive
Photo credit: WHW, Nov. 2022

The ten carts are to be distributed to physically disabled adolescent students primarily adolescent girls to enable them to go to, and from school in a hassle-free manner and physically disabled adult women who are engaged in profitable ventures. The P.E.T. carts provide extra exercise for the upper body as it uses the manual strength of the beneficiary to move the cart.

The Dormaa East District Chief Executive handing over a P.E.T Cart to a physically-disabled school girl from Wamanafo
Presby. Junior High School
Photo Credit: Social Welfare Department Dormaa East, Dec. 2022

Women’s Health to Wealth by this intervention hopes to make our physically disabled girls and women more independent in terms of their mobility and thereby enhance their education and economic activities.

Story by : Yaw Sekeyere Frimpong
Logistics Officer December 20, 2022.